Bridal Make UP 2019

Bridal Make UP 2019

As superficial as it sounds, for a bride her makeup is the most essential decision to make. Its make or break, much more then a dress or jewellery. On the contrary, good makeup can give life to an otherwise average look.


  1. We cant start without mentioning Shehzad Raza of AtherShehzad. He is not only credited with great makeup but someone who introduced new techniques, the concept of model make up and total grooming that followed. A makeup maestro in every regard, I absolutely love his makeup looks for red bridals. Hes based out of his full service salon in Gulberg, Lahore. Find a link to his instagram at the bottom of this post for more info and bookings.


2. A strong favourite and someone who has made her mark in this field for good reason is the lovely Mariam Khawaja. I feel Mariam has the magic wand of transformations! She makes a bride look 100 time more glamorous without making her look like someone else. A real talent in enhancing features, alway a romantic, light fly away sort of feel.



3. The new boy in town is adding glistening magic to shiny faces. A less is more approach and details to kill. A highlighter to thats visible a mile off! We’re betting on Saad Sami!

4. Constantly churning out shiny happy people is Zara Gul, our next goto for bridal makeup! With the most relevant makeup techniques and a friendly personality she’s the talk of the town with an affordable bridal package.




Find these amazing people on the links below:

  1. Zara Gul Makeup Studio 
  2. Saad Sami Makeup 
  3. Mariam Khawaja Studio
  4. Ather Shahzad Salon and Studio


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